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The product you have chosen is available as E-Book.

We've tried to make purchasing and using ExamREVIEW's study products as quick and easy as possible. However, if this is your first experience purchasing one of these products from our website, it is essential that you read, print out and follow these instructions.


Did you go through the product information presented in this web site? Have you been fully informed of the nature and features of our e-book products?

When you purchase our products it is implied that you have read through the FAQs (available HERE) and have fully agreed with our terms and conditions.

Can you receive electronic product delivery via INSTANT WEB SITE DOWNLOAD?

Unless otherwise specified, download is available right after purchase.

Files are in Acrobat PDF  format.

To save bandwidth, we usually compress the file into ZIP file that may be decompressed with WinZIP.

Can you make legitimate purchase online using credit card?

Credit card payment will not be accepted from Pakistan and Indonesia. Customers from these countries must pay through Western Union


Say NO to fraud!

We have strong measures implemented against payment fraud and planned free rider abuse.

If you are comfortable with the above, please click HERE to proceed to the next step.

If you still have questions regarding the order process, please read the FAQ at the end of this page before proceeding to the next step.

Please click HERE to proceed to the next step.

If you still have questions regarding the order process, please read the FAQ below before proceeding to the next step.


Are you ordering from Hong Kong, China or India? If so, please click here.

Do you plan to obtain a site license (volume purchase) or resell right? If so, please click here.

Please be advised that the product you order will be available for instant download right after payment submission. Therefore, do NOT close your browser too soon, or you will miss the download link. The download link is going to look like this:

Customer Service F.A.Q. for ebook purchase

This Customer Service FAQ focuses on the order placement and product delivery processes. If you have product specific questions, please click HERE instead.

Are your study products good enough for exam self study and preparation?

We cover the essential material necessary to do well on the exams, plus comprehensive reviews covering all the essential knowledge domains individually. However, if you are looking for a 3-inch thick dictionary that gives you 500% topic coverage you might have come to the wrong place.

Is online credit card transaction secure?

Absolutely. Clickbank is a professional payment processing company based in the US. Your payment information is fully secured. ExamREVIEW does not have access to your payment information at all.

What if Clickbank does not accept my credit card payment?

Please visit this link for offline purchase option.

Do you take order over the phone?

Clickbank is our payment processor and the URL below will take you to the official Clickbank guidelines on order placement. As far as I understand, they do not take order over the phone.

You may also reach Clickbank by fax at 1-208-342-3934. To reach Clickbank by mail, please use the following address:

Click Sales Inc
917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200
Boise ID 83706 USA

After clicking on 'Buy it from clickbank' and entering country and zipcode the next page will not load...

The Clickbank order processing server is probably under heavy load at the moment so that's why the next page fails to load correctly. Please retry again in several hours. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

How to identify the transaction from my credit card / Paypal statement?

If you use your credit card to make the purchase, the charge will appear on your card statement as *ClickBank".

If you use your PayPal account to make the purchase, the charge will show up as "ClickBank" followed by a description of the product.  If you use PayPal's credit card option to make the purchase, the charge will appear on your card statement as "PayPal*ClickBank", followed by PayPal's phone number.

Are there any S/H charges?

For electronic delivery, the answer is NO. Since delivery is performed electronically through email, there is NO S/H charges involved.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

The price we charge do not include sales tax. Whether you need to pay sales tax really depends on the state of your residency. The ClickBank payment system will show you whether sales tax is to be collected at the time of checkout. As far as we can tell, you may need to pay sales tax if you reside in certain US states or in the UK.

What is the currency to be accepted?

All prices are in USD. Your credit card company determines the exchange rate.

Do you accept other payment methods?

If credit card payment is not possible, we can accept Western Union money transfer upon your request. However, you will be responsible for the transfer fee, which is quite expensive...

Why would it take 24 hours for the order to be delivered?

We manually process and verify each order prior to delivery. Please give us a little bit of time for order processing.

Why don't you list your contact phone number on your web pages?

We used to have an order hotline listed here. However, it turned out that people used this hotline mostly as a source of free consultation. Sorry but at this moment we just do not have the man power to provide free advice over the phone. We may consider this option when we have the resources to sustain this kind of service.

If you do not feel confident enough to make purchase simply because there is no phone number listed here, you may instead purchase HARD COPY of our titles through AMAZON. Some of our titles are available for sale as printed books over there. Here is the link to proceed. HARD COPY

Do you give discount?

For purchase totaling over USD$250 you may qualify for volume discount. Please contact us for further information.

Can my email account accept your delivery (in the case of email delivery)?

Delivery is primarily through web site download. However, sometimes you may ask us to email you the file. 

Yes. It is best for you to reserve several MBs of free space in your email account for receiving the files. Note that for security reason we do NOT deliver to free web mail services like yahoo, hotmail and gmail unless you explicitly request us to do so .  

The most problematic issue with Yahoo is that it has its own email filters that you cannot control. Those filters may decide to move our emails into the "bulk mail" folder instead of delivering it to your inbox. Just check you bulk mail folder if you don't see our emails in your Yahoo inbox.

If you do not receive the ordered e-book product file nor our email reply...

"I have sent many emails to you but have not gotten a response. What is going on? "
"I have never received the e-book file..."

A common reason (it does happen all the time): the email address you supplied in the ClickBank form (i.e. your own email address) is incorrect. If you have supplied ClickBank with an invalid email address, please inform us ASAP. We are forced to cancel the sale if the incorrect email address is not clarified on a timely manner.

Example of a typical email address error: VERSUS or   

An additional "." or "_" in the email address can make a fatal difference. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESS you have specified when ordering and let us know if error has been made. Otherwise there is no way for us to get in touch with you.

When contacting us, please send to the address. If you sent your inquiry during public holiday or weekend, please expect an answer by the following business day. Also beware that some mail servers block our email address for no reason. If you have not received a response from us in 24 hours, consider mailing us from an alternate email account.

Save our known address to your safe senders list and/or your address book so that legitimate ExamREVIEW messages are ensured to be delivered. 

We send out emails primarily from this email account: If you cannot receive the ordered e-book product file, please disable the SPAM filter of your email account and request us to resend you the missing file. If file is still missing, please contact us via an email address from another email service provider. We may have to make special arrangement to send you the files through our personal accounts.

The Yahoo spam filter likes to filter out useful email for no reason.... Try to look for the files from the Spam folder, it is very likely you can find them there.

Again, to ensure delivery to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders), please add us to your address book. Our primary email address is

If it takes a long time to download the product file...

Due to the large file size (1MB and up), if you are using a slow internet connection (such as a dial-up) it is going to take quite awhile for the download to complete.

If you receive only an empty email with no file attachment (in the case of email delivery)...

Please temporarily disable the firewall/anti-virus software on your system and request us to resend the file. Some firewall/anti-virus software like to delete file attachment of any sort. If you do not want to do this, please use another email address from another email service provider to contact us again.

Note that Windows XP SP1 and SP2 have a new security feature that disallows the opening of file attachment in Outlook / Outlook Express by default. You must explicitly turn off this feature in order to open and view the attachment. Consult your Windows XP user guide for further information.

If you fail to open the PDF file...

We created the PDF file using FlashPaper 2.0. If your Acrobat reader is version 5.0 or above, you should have no problem opening the file. Of course, the latest version is always recommended. As of March 2005 the latest version is version 7  (the Acrobat Reader is always free from Adobe anyway - you may download it from Get Adobe Reader ).

* Due to the variety of fonts installed on the users' systems, Acrobat may prompt you to download additional language component (something like the prompt shown below -  the download is FREE from Adobe anyway). Please click "YES" to allow Acrobat to perform the download.

If you fail to print out the pages correctly...

Please change your printer's settings and adjust the output paper size. In the US the suitable size is US Letter. In the UK the size is A4.

Some problems may be due to the size of the document and the amount of RAM your computer has. If you are running a fairly old computer and you're trying to print a large document, then you should print a few pages at a time to avoid freezing. Always make sure you use the latest printer driver.

There are known problems when printing PDF to a PCL printer (HP's Printer Control Language). Adobe's response to this issue is that if your PDF file prints incorrectly to a PCL printer, try modifying the driver settings. In general, try raster graphics instead of vector graphics and bitmap fonts instead of outline fonts. If your file still prints incorrectly, print to a Postscript Printer.

If you can view the article correctly on screen but it fails to print correctly:

With the PDF file open in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, choose Print from the File menu. Click on the "Advanced" button that is located at the bottom lower left. 3. Check the box that says "Print as image". Click OK or press the ENTER key. Finally, click OK to proceed to printing.

If you can't print the book / it stops printing at a certain page...

Try restarting your computer and printer. If that doesn't work.... from within the Acrobat Reader (make sure you have the latest version), go to File, Click Print, then down in the middle where it says "Print Range" fill in Pages from with about 20 or 30 pages (example 45-75). Try printing the book out chapter by chapter.

If you lost your files because you accidentally erase you drive, or that your drive has crashed...

Just email us and let us know, we will be glad to resend you the files by email.

How to use flash card as a study tool?

1. Open and print the entire document.

2. Cut out the flash cards. Paste the question and answer for each card on opposite sides of an index card with the question on the front and the answer on the back. Pasting the questions and answers on index cards will make them more durable.

3. Now you may stack them together with all of the questions facing the same side.

4. To study, pick up a card and read the question. When you are ready to answer, turn the card over and see if your answer is correct.

If you find errors...

If you have purchased a previous release of our title, you are entitled to FREE Release Updates. Refer to the Update Center for further information.

** Security Alert **
Beware of harmful emails sent by others pretending to be us! We never email customers asking for personal information.

What if my credit card payment is rejected by Clickbank?

Please refer to this link.


Site related FAQ  

When I view your website, everything is squashed up and I have to use the scroll to view it?

Our website is designed for viewing at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels or higher. Recent research and surveys show that the majority of internet users have moved away from the traditional 800 X 600 monitors and are now using high resolution monitors.



What you should do when you receive an email claiming to be from ExamREVIEW:

  • Keep in mind, we send out emails primarily from our account at We may send emails through our personal accounts at yahoo only if our regular emails got bounced back by the firewall on your side.

  • If there is any suspicion that you have received a fraudulent email, do not click on any link presented in the email.

  • If you have any doubt who the email is from, manually type in after the http:// found in your Web browser.

Do you offer product sample?

We no longer offer "sample" of our study products due to serious copyright infringement on the internet. A 2-page sample has no practical use for review purpose, while a full chapter sample is a disaster copyright-wise given the fact that our products are primarily in electronic format. 

Every ExamREVIEW product page has an in-depth TOC for showing what exactly are covered. We believe the full TOC is the best place to find out whether the product is right for you.


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If you have purchased previous releases of our products, you are entitled to FREE Release Updates.

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All orders come with LIFE TIME FREE UPDATES. Unless otherwise stated, delivery for all e-book orders is through instant download after payment confirmation. There is no S/H charges for e-book delivery. Sales tax may apply depending on your location.

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