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Support & Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is life time free update?

UNLESS otherwise stated, all published products come with LIFE TIME FREE UPDATES. When you find a newer version of the purchased product all you need to do is to email us and we will send you the updated content (usually in the form of an errata or appendix) free of charge through email.

Make sure you keep your purchase receipt to qualify for the free updates.

If you are looking for free updates, please use the link below:


Q: I am interested in your exam material and would like to purchase it online. However, I am not familiar with your website and your organization. How do you assure me the security if I order the material online?

A: You may refer to the link below:

McAfee SiteAdvisor has Given Us their Seal of Approval for Ethics and Operation.

Also note that we now process all orders through CreateSpace, an AMAZON company. We have no access to your payment information at all.

Q: When could I receive the printed material after I pay for it online?

A: It depends on the shipping mode you choose. For regular shipment within the US/Canada the delivery time is approximately a week. The books are printed and shipped in the US. 

Q: Can I have an electronic copy of your latest book?

A: We no longer offer new books in PDF format due to concern on soft copy piracy.

Q: What is the difference between the ExamESSENTIALS guides and the ExamFOCUS guides?

A: The former are for business management oriented exams, while the latter are for highly technical subjects that cover a lot of tech details.

Q: What is the difference between your study guide and those online courses offered by the exam vendors?

A: We cover the essential material necessary to do well on the exams, plus comprehensive reviews covering all the essential knowledge domains individually, all at very affordable prices. Those online courses offered by the exam vendors are also highly comprehensive, often giving you 500% coverage on topics inside and outside of the exams, at prices in the range of hundreds or thousands of dollars US. 

Q: Are your study guides the same as those offered by Gleim or Becker?

A: Our study guides are unique. Our ExamESSENTIALS Guides are highly concentrated: topics covered are summarized into concise and well written information that is easy to read and understand. In fact, on each ExamESSENTIALS Guide all materials are compressed into critical information presented within as few pages as possible. 

We can comfortably substantiate our claim of exam success because we have gone through the exam processes ourselves and have passed the exams using the same material. Let's face it. A phone book with 1000 pages does not guarantee exam success. However, if you prefer the phone book type of study guide, our products may not be the right choices for you.  

We assume that you already have the very-basic knowledge on the subject. If you are an absolute beginner who needs coverage on the elementary areas of the knowledge domain, please use our study products TOGETHER with other introductory text books to build your exam readiness. Lists of additional recommended readings are available in most of our study guides.

Please also refer to this link: Ethics.

Q: Are your practice questions "braindumps"?

No. Braindumps is illegal and unethical. Using braindumps is cheating. With the study material we provide you will be able to learn the stuff and clear the exam without cheating. Why is braindump bad?

Q: I'm skeptical that I'll pass the exam by simply being familiar with the best practices presented in your guide. Based on your experience, should I be worried?

A: These exams test your ability to select the best option out of the many possible but inferior solutions. Text book theories alone are not sufficient. The best practices presented in our guides are those currently practiced by real world business professionals in the corresponding fields. They will assist  you in picking the right choice.

Q: I am an absolute beginner. Should I use only your study guides to prepare for the exam?

A: These exams are for people WITH relevant real world experience. For example, if you are preparing for the CPIM exam, experience in the field of production management will help. Experience in logistics will not, because CPIM is not about logistics. If you are preparing for the CBCP exam, you need experience in business continuity planning, NOT information technology.

As said before, we assume that you already have basic knowledge on the subject. If you are an absolute beginner who needs coverage on the elementary areas of the knowledge domain, please use our study products TOGETHER with other introductory text books to build your exam readiness. Lists of additional recommended readings are available in most of our study guides.

Q: I have several years of experience in the field. Should I use only your study guides to prepare for the exam?

A: You may use our study products to identify your strength & weakness and then prepare for the exams accordingly.

Q: I have already signed up with someone else and have access to their learning system. So, is it not sufficient to crack the exam?

A: We prefer NOT to comment on the products offered by our competitors. Put it this way: no university on earth guarantees a degree after you pay tuition. You don't BUY a certification. You study and pass the exam ethically.

Q: Are practice questions included in the study guides?

A: Some packages include review questions while some do not. Please refer to the respective product description page for further information.

Q: Do you offer any discount on the study material as your price is a bit high for me?

A: Sorry we cannot due to the restrictions of the payment processing system.

Q: Do you regularly update your study material?

A: Yes we do. In fact, we have a Life Time FREE Updates policy. After your initial purchase, you can always request for the latest revisions from us, free of charge! We regularly update the contents of our products.

Q: Is it better for me to purchase the material during the first week of XXX as I have my exam on XXX 15th? The questions might get updated later if I purchase it now. For how long can you keep me updated with the new questions if I purchase the study material today?

A: We give lifetime free updates so there is nothing to worry about.

Q: Can I share my book with my colleagues and friends?

A: Feel free to. 

Q: I want to purchase a site license. Who should I contact?

A: Please email directly.

Q: How do you combat fraud and abuse?

ExamREVIEW Anti-Fraud/Anti-Abuse Policy

A: As an effort to combat fraud and abuse, all relevant IP addresses and server-side email delivery information are recorded at the time an order is placed and processed.

We have been in business on the internet for years and we know how to distinguish between honest request and intentional free rider abuse. We will immediately publish information of any intentional abuse or fraudulent transaction on our Fraud Alert page. The same information will be shared with other payment networks and the appropriate agencies for investigation of possible violation of the relevant EC/PCC (Ethical Code/Professional Code of Conduct) as well as decertification of the abuser. 


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You may choose products based on their purposes and/or nature:
Ready-to-go: the product will get you sufficiently prepared for the exam assuming you have reasonable background in the corresponding field. Filling-the-gaps: the product is written to secure exam clearance through filling up exam-specific gaps found in the mainstream study material. Essential Reference: the product provides coverage on selected essential topic(s) given BOK of a massive scale. Focused revision: highly focused study notes covering key exam topics.

Our printed books are distributed primarily through CREATESPACE AMAZON. Page size is 8" x 10", grayscale printing, with font sizing ranging from 10 to 14 (Garamond).  

Our electronic study products are in PDF format. Full color printing, with font sizing ranging from 10 to 14 (Garamond).  
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