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An ALL-In-One package for the Contract Management Professionals!

We have now integrated our popular CCCM Guide,
CFCM Guide and CPCM Guide into one single book. 

CCCM, CFCM and CPCM Exams Study Guide & Practice Questions 2013: Building your contract management exam readiness

With new info on the Sept 2012 FAR updates.

Cover all three exams, for the price of one!

This is an ALL IN ONE guide covering 3 exams: CCCM, CFCM and CPCM. This is the latest 2012 Edition. In the new CCCM exam syllabus, General Business Knowledge is no longer tested. HOWERVER, taking into account the fact that knowledge on the general business environment would help a lot in your exam study effort (even though the GB module is no longer required), GB related materials are retained in this study guide. Note that the CCCM exam does not cover FAR. Therefore, you may ignore the FAR section altogether. The focus is more on the UCC Articles 1, 2 and 2a and some general commercial contracting elements. If you are new to contract management, use this study guide TOGETHER WITH other sources of information to prepare for the exam. The exam is easy only if you are experienced in contract management. If you are not, then lots of readings would have to be done. For CFCM, FAR is definitely the focus. Still, knowledge on commercial acquisition and contract is essential as it forms the foundation of modern contract management. You should therefore go through the sections on business procurement and commercial contracting in addition to studying FAR. Again, GB is not tested in the exam.

As of the time of this writing, CCCM and CFCM exams have 150 questions per exam. The 110 question format is no longer in use.

CPCM Candidates need to know both sides of contract management. Knowledge on commercial contract and FAR would be required. Also, some GB stuff will appear in this exam. As of the time of this writing, the CPCM exam has 179 questions. There are several scenario based MC sections. In this study product we have both contracting-specific and business knowledge sections. We label those business knowledge sections as “Foundation Knowledge” sections. These sections have information that is not on the technical aspect of contracting but is still relevant for day-to-day contract admin works.

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CCCM, CFCM & CPCM Study Guide & Practice Questions 2013: Building Your Contract Management Exam Readiness


ISBN/EAN13: 1479310301/978-1479310302
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Language: English
Color: Black and White

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